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Why We Are Here To Establish GPBottles?

In the passed over 10 years, Mr.Ben has been working in the glass bottle factory and serving for big brand perfume company who has their own design team, and have large quantity for orders of perfume packaging.A lot of times, Ben found that many niche perfume brands don't have own original design, thus limit their brand development. In order to serve for such companies who are eager to have their own design and smaller quantity orders, Ben united with Bryan and Dexter established GPBottles in 2016.

30+ Years Experience Expert Joined Us

Mr. Xu who has over 30 years experience is one of the earliest engineer in the industry of glass bottle manufacturing. He has helped numbers of glass bottle manufacturers to build their production line and improve the quality of their glass bottle products. His joining allows us to ensure high-level of product production, quality control, and mold manufacturing.We’re offering service of design, customization and contract manufacturing of perfume bottle packaging, GPB is established at beginning to serve for niche perfume brand who are keen to represent their individual style of perfume , we’re committed to help them to solve the supply chain of perfume bottle, cap and accessories.

What We Can Do For Niche Perfume Brand?

GP Bottles think that the packaging is not only the appearance of perfume, but is expressing the brand image, story, creative, quality level and creating valued using experience of brand itself and their consumers. So we made it our mission to provide services of design and manufacturing, to help perfume brands to create unique perfume packaging comply with their brand image.

"Elevate Scores Of Your Perfume Brand"

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GP Bottles @ Global Business Service

The purpose with all the services GPBottles providing is to create personalized packaging for niche perfume brand. We work closely with our client to understanding deeply with the requirement.

Original & On-demand Design

Tooling for Deep Customization

Surface Decoration

Contract Manufacture


"Make Your Perfume To Be Classic"

GP Bottles@ FAQ of Design & Customization & Contract Manufacture

Important Information

Why do we try to create classic packaging for niche perfume brands?

We know that a perfume that is recognized and popular by customers can often be sold for ten years or even decades, thanks to the unique company advantages of perfume brand, especially in the company's history, brand and fragrance mixing ability, and a bottle packaging design of perfume that conforms to the style may also be an important aspect, precisely because ordinary niche perfume brands lack experience in design and manufacturing on bottles, GP Bottles made it as our mission to create classic perfume bottle packaging for niche perfume brands.

What’s the minimum order quantity of a customized glass bottle perfume packaging?

Normally it requires 30,000 pcs per model for minimum order quantity for a customized glass bottle perfume packaging. Why a lot? On the production of glass bottle, we need to install the mold on the automatic machine to produce the glass bottle, that may take 5-6 hours to finish the install and debug to have the good quality production conditions. It could produce more than 30,000 pcs during the 5-6 hours, that makes higher cost during the mold install and debug. In another word, we may require 30-50% higher of unit price if you want to place small quantity order.

How Can I get a cost reference before starting the procedure of perfume bottle customization?

If you want to get a cost reference, we’ll make a initial quotation based on existing design of glass perfume bottle packaging. After the design finished, we can send a final quotation for your decision to next step.

How Can I Create My Own Perfume Bottle?

Creating your own perfume bottle can be a fun and creative process. To start, you can choose a design that fits your scent and aesthetic. Next, you should determine the material, size, and shape of the bottle that best suits your needs. Once you have chosen these elements, you will need to find a manufacturer or supplier to help you with the production of your bottle. Finally, you can add labels, decorations, and embellishments to personalize your bottle. With some planning and creativity, you can create a unique and distinctive perfume bottle.

What's The General Proccess Of Perfume Packaging Design & Customization?


The idea of design would be a kind of picture, think, style or actual sample. GP Bottles will draw several sketches according to the idea for reference. You can check it and choose which one need to be developed.


After determining the sketch to develop, GP Bottles designer will work it to lay out full set drawing including 2D drawing, 3D rendergraph to show you the details of design.

Cost Evaluation & Quotation

GP Bottles will evaluate the cost and make a offical quoation based on the confirmed sketch.

3D Mock-up

Along with the developing of 3D printing technology, we now have the chance to check the unexpected problems before actual production, it's really the key processing of perfume packaging design and development. GP Bottles can make the Mock-up with acrylic material for glass perfume bottle, and aluminium or plastic material for perfume caps. You can check the match up between the bottle and cap, and the whole effection of the total design.

Mold Tooling & Testing Sample

After confirming the sketches and mock-up, we will get up into next step to build testing mold to produce first testing sample for your final approval. The testing sample can be produced with decorations and label as your final perfume, it's necessary for you to pre-sell or make marketing material of the perfume.

Consult GP Bottles@ Let's Create It Together
GP Bottles is not only manufacturing perfume bottles, but is designing perfume bottle to comply with the orientation and culture of your perfume brand, and we're considering "Elevate Scores Of Your Perfume Brand" as our mission, consult us now to create together.

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