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Breif indroduction of perfume bottle design

Breif indroduction of perfume bottle design

Issue Time:2021-01-26
Perfume bottle design - GP Bottles
wholesale glass perfume bottle
Raw materail of modern perfume bottle
The modern perfume bottles are mainly made of sodium-calcium high-white glass material, and there is a few quantity bottles are made of lead crystal glass. Compare with cost of perfume, the cost of glass material is not a factor to determine the design. Nowadays,  modern perfume bottle designer pay more and more attention on the design of shape, color and decorations of glass bottles, to make the consumer not only "Enjoy" and also "Easy on the eyes" when they are using the perfume. Meanwhile, the fancy glass bottles will be decorations of a living room.
customized perfume bottle
The modelling and designing of glass perfume bottle
The perfumes are normally categoried to female perfume, male perfume or neutral perfume. In recent years, it's developing strengthly to the special subdivision using of female and male perfume. The manufacture technology are maily categoried to kinds of blow, pressing, blow-blow, pressing-blow, and usually we use pressing-blow with two fold mold technology to produce glass perfume bottle in order to get nice appearance, evently distributed glass. With the strengthly developing of manufacture technology, now we can produce various kinds of shape as you can think.
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