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Zamac perfume caps

Zamac perfume caps
What You'll Get From GP Bottles, We're Thinking More For You

Working together with GP Bottles, right choice to solve the supply chain of your perfume packaging. With the knowing of perfume packaging quality points, quantity, lead time, match-up, private label, thats the key for GP Bottles to produce qualified zamac perfume caps to meet your appropriate requirement.

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zamac perfume cap

Closely Linked Production Lines, Making Unified Quality Zamac Caps

100% Responsible For Quality Issues

You don't need to negotiate with GP Bottles for the quality issues come from the products, we will undertake 100% responsibility based on envidence by pictures or videos provided. GP Bottles control every process of zamac perfume cap production, we are doing in-line quality inspection in every hour to ensure the quality meet the standard and requirement of our clients. 

- Zinc alloy material from top company in China

- High quality steel mold

- Dimensions tolerance control

- Paint adhension testing

- Pull testing

- Color board

- Safe packaging customization

FAQ - Frequently Asking Questions

What's the material of zamac perfume cap?

Corrosion Resistance, Refined Plated Luxury Zamac Perfume Cap

Zamac is one of a alloy which is based on zinc mixed with other metal elements such as Cu, Al, Mg, Cd. It has the obvious advantage and disadvantage in the manufacturing of perfume caps. ZA 3# is used in perfume cap production.




- Large specific weight

- Good cast ability, zamac can be cast to complicate structure with smooth surface

- Good mechanic performance and wear-resisting, zamac can be polished to have surface finish of electroplate, vacuum plating, painting, lacquering.

- Corrosion resistance and easy to be recycled.




- Low creep strength, it is easy to change size due to natural aging

- Higher price than the perfume cap of plastic, aluminium or wooden material

Whats the purchase processing of zamac perfume cap from GP Bottles?

To be a good supplier with faithful, transparent,responsibility undertaking

GP Bottles is undertaking the responsibility to provide standard quality zamac perfume cap to meet requirement of our global partners. Refer to below process, youll get what you want.




Price of zamac perfume cap is based on the material of zamac, labor cost, manufacture difficulty and surface finishing. Weve automatized process of casting, polishing, assembly of zamac perfume cap to reduce down the manufacture cost.  


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MOQ - Minimum order quantity


Consider to change time of mould and quality control of automatic facility manufacturing, GP Bottles settled a reasonable MOQ of 3,000-5,000 pcs per item per color for wholesale products. Well launch items aperiodically of ready products for weak ordering.


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In the industry of perfume packaging, it has the most process in the production zamac perfume cap, including casting, cutting, polishing, cleaning, plating, assembly, packing etc. All the process need to be fully inspected before to the next. That decide the longer delivery time around 45-50 calender days. GP Bottles provide transportation way of air, sea, train with specific DDP (door-to door) service to most of countries around the world.




GP Bottles has been insisting to provide sample of wholesale products for free to our new and old customers. Sign in to be our website member to get free sample and reduction or exemption of delivery cost.


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GP Bottles accept currency of most of countries around the world like GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, JPY, HKD, RMB etc. The payment method of a wholesale product order is 30% deposit for us to purchase raw material and get a place in the production schedule. Youll get the inform when all the goods finished ready for final inspection, GP Bottles provide third-party inspection service for your goods confirmation to proceed with the balance payment before shipment.

How to create my own zamac perfume cap?

Private Label Zamac Perfume Cap Deep Customization

GP Bottles provide deep customization service to create your private label zamac perfume cap to match up your glass perfume bottle packaging. The important advantage of zamac is easy to be cast complicate structure with smooth surface. Thats determined we can make kinds of shape of zamac perfume cap with lower customization cost. Moreover, we are providing other services of slight customization of zamac perfume cap.  Learn More

Original Design


Original design for free based on your picture, idea, related bottle, original sample etc, GP Bottles provide 2D drawing, 3D drawing, rendering for detailed confirmation before investing for new mold. 3D mock-up printing service is available for further evaluate of a new project. It takes less than 7 days to create a complete design of zamac perfume cap.

Precise Mold Manufacturing

Compare with the complicate processing of zamac perfume cap, the mold is the core parts in the whole production. At very beginning, well spend a lot of time on the mold manufacturing to ensure the quality of rough zamac cap for easy of further processing. It takes around 35-40 days to finish a mold for first testing sample.

zamac perfume cap mold

Color & Logo Customized

GP Bottles provide color coating service for zamac perfume cap, including electroplating, vacuum plating, spray, lacquering, real gold plating. There are many colors available like gold, silver, rose gold, tarnish, bronze, pink, black, brown and so on. Its important to put your brand logo on the zamac cap to represent the private label of perfume. We can put the logo on caps by the technology of making on the mold, hot stamping, printing, laser engraving.


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