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What is the material of electroplated gold for zamac perfume cap?

What is the material of electroplated gold for zamac perfume cap?

Issue Time:2022/10/27
What is the material of electroplating? Is electroplated gold real gold?
1. What is the material of electroplating gold?
As the name suggests, gold electroplating is to plated real gold on different materials (gold plated on metal parts and gold plated on non-metallic parts, generally metal parts are mostly gold plated), for example, these metal materials can be plated with gold: aluminum alloy, ceramic, copper, Tungsten copper and other hardware electroplating gold surface technology processing.

Tongyuan surface treatment electroplating gold is mainly used in electronic, communication, optical fiber, aviation, medical and other precision hardware connectors, conductive contact pieces, and gold plating processing in industries that require conductivity, solderability, corrosion resistance, etc.

2. Is electroplated gold real gold?
Yes, in general, electroplating gold refers to electroplating real gold. Gold electroplating is a very common decorative process, which represents a thin layer of gold plated on the surface of hardware.

Generally speaking, electroplated gold refers to real gold electroplated. Electroplating real gold refers to using real gold as a material for electroplating, and there will be a layer of real gold on the surface of the accessories. Corresponding to it is electroplating imitation gold, that is, using other agent materials to make the surface of the accessories achieve a golden effect. The surface brightness of plated real gold jewelry. The degree of color retention will be better, and it is also more environmentally friendly, but usually the cost of electroplating real gold is more than 3 times that of imitation gold.

3. Characteristics and application scope of electroplating gold
Tongyuan surface treatment electroplating gold coating has strong corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, easy welding, high temperature resistance, and has certain wear resistance (such as hard gold mixed with a small amount of other elements), good anti-discoloration ability, and gold Alloy plating comes in a variety of shades, and gold over silver prevents discoloration. And the ductility of the coating is good and easy to polish, so it is often used as a decorative coating, such as plated jewelry, watch parts, works of art, etc. It is also widely used in precision instruments, printing boards, integrated circuits, electronic tubes, electrical contacts, etc. Parts electroplating with long-term stable parameter performance. However, due to the high price of gold, the application is limited.

4. Who invented electroplating?
Gold electroplating began with the invention of cyanide gold plating by the British in 1838, mainly for decoration. In the 1940s, with the development of the electronics industry, the price of gold skyrocketed, and most of them were plated with thin gold. In order to further save gold, brush gold plating (ie selective gold plating) appeared in the 1960s, and pulsed gold plating and laser gold plating appeared in the 1980s. In 1950, the stability of potassium gold cyanide in the presence of organic acids was discovered, and then neutral and weakly acidic gold plating solutions appeared. In the late 1960s, cyanide-free gold plating was also used, especially sulfite gold plating was the most widely used. .
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