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Brief analysis of the special silk-screen printing process of glass perfume bottles

Brief analysis of the special silk-screen printing process of glass perfume bottles

Update Time:2021-03-22
decorative glass perfume bottle
1. Etching screen printing

The modern etching screen pirnting make the process of glass bottle decoration more convenient, save time, save cost. There are two kinds of etching screen printing, one is Thermoplastic etching screen printing, one is cold etching screen printing.

Thermoplastic etching sreen printing

Use the adhesive made of paraffin, pitch, stearic acid and mix with less corrosion resistant powder to be printing material, then print the artworks on glass bottle by the thermoplastic screen to format as corrosion resistant film.The part of glass display on the film is the logo or pattern we need to etch. Use Fluorine perchlorate to make the etch, and use boiled water to wash the etched the pattern.

Cold etching screen printing

We can also use the cold type to print the glass bottle, use special asphalt paint mix with corrosion resitant or special ink to print.Then etch it after the ink dry.

2. Ice-patterned silk screen printing

The elegant ice-patterned silk print used on advanced glass ware or contruction glass material. First step is to print color or colorless glass flux layer on the glass bottle surface. Then put the ice-patterned glass particles on the flux layer, to sintering with 500~590℃ to make the flux layer melted with glass prticels and perform to relief effect.

3. Frosting screen printing

Frosting is kind of decoration to melt the glaze layer on the glass bottle surfacto with 580~600℃ high temperature bake to display different color compare with bottle. Hereunder shows how to do with frosting screen printing: On the surface of a glass product, screen prints a pattern formed by a flux inhibitor.To be printed on the pattern of dry, and then frosted processing.Then after high temperature baking, there is no pattern of the sand surface will melt on the glass surface, and the place of the silk screen printing pattern due to the effect of flux resistance, the sand surface covered on the pattern can not be fused on the glass surface.After baking, the transparent floor space pattern will appear through the translucent sand surface, forming a special decorative effect.
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