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Guide to use perfume in Different Seasons and Occasions

Guide to use perfume in Different Seasons and Occasions

Issue Time:2021-10-04
Guide to use perfume in Different Seasons and Occasions
If you are a tasteful woman, I believe you will not put perfume on yourself, because that would only be a mess. When perfumes with different flavors are prepared, they have made reservations for the customers that suit them, and selected the occasions and seasons that suit them.

    Compose perfume for the season

    Spring: The temperature is low, but the climate has begun to become humid, and the fragrance is low in volatility. It is suitable to choose fresh floral or fruity floral fragrances.

    Summer: The climate is hot and humid, and sweating at every turn. Make sure to smell fresh and highly volatile perfumes. The neutral and astringent scents of plants and natural vegetation are ideal.

    Autumn: The climate is dry and the autumn breeze is cool. You can try a plant-based fragrance with a strong aroma and spicy flavor on the face. Sweet fruity aroma, or acetaldehyde floral aroma with high chemical composition.

    Winter: Under thick clothes, a strong fragrance is needed to drive away the cold. Sweet floral and spicy aromas are ideal choices.

    To match the space with perfume

    Confined spaces: Do not apply strong fragrances in compartments, theaters and other spaces with poor air circulation, so as not to affect others by the pungent fragrance, so it is best to avoid applying low-concentration and strong volatile fragrances.

    Restaurant: Do not wear strong perfume before eating, because food and fragrance are not available at the same time.

    Hospital: Not everyone will feel comfortable smelling the fragrance. It is better to say "goodbye" to the fragrance when you enter a public place like a hospital.

    Perfume to match the occasion

    Wedding: In such a joyous occasion, fragrance can double the joy. You can choose eau de toilette during the day and strong perfume at night.

    Date: A perfume made from citrus fruits and moss vanilla, which contains attractive and hormonal ingredients.

    Rainy weather: Moist air makes it difficult to diffuse the aroma in areas with heavy moisture. Eau de Toilette is appropriate.

    Outdoors: It is easy to sweat during sports and shopping. The combination of sweat and perfume will always make people stay away. At this time, you should choose non-alcoholic perfume or sports perfume.

    Sleep: Lavender or rose scented oil has the effect of improving the quality of sleep. Before going to bed, apply a little less under the pillow, and a night of fragrant dreams will follow.
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