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Those rumors about perfume that are easily misrepresented

Those rumors about perfume that are easily misrepresented

Issue Time:2021-10-09
Those rumors about perfume that are easily misrepresented
Introductory knowledge in the era of perfume has been written enough, it is recommended to study systematically. Let me add some perfume rumors that novices easily fall into.
The perfume will expire
The most important thing about perfume is the preservation method, not the time. In China, perfumes are divided into make-up areas, so they will be printed with a shelf life of 3 years. However, perfume does not actually have a shelf life. There is no expiration, but it will deteriorate. The deterioration is usually not because of time, but the temperature, humidity and light stored. Some substances in the perfume have changed or even precipitated, which will also accelerate their volatilization. . Therefore, keep the perfume away from light in a dry and cool place, and use it as soon as possible after opening the bottle without a spray nozzle. Try not to throw away the perfume box. Put the fragrance that is not commonly used in seasons into the box, wrap it in plastic wrap, and store it in the cabinet.
Perfume can aphrodisiac
Girls will buy the perfume of every likelihood if you tell her this is "cutting men's fragrance". But you must know that the meaning of perfume itself is not practical, it is an elegant work of art. Using incense is like wearing beautiful clothes, reflecting personal style and taste, occasional needs or simply to please oneself. But the sense of smell is the most able to link emotions and trigger memories. Aphrodisiac can't be talked about, but using a suitable perfume can add points to personal charm. Girls who want to be male still have to work hard to make themselves better. . The same is true for male fragrance. Perfume will add points, but the essence of attracting the opposite sex lies in your personal energy.
Authenticity of perfume
It's not cost-effective to sell counters. Many people will choose e-commerce channels, but they will always feel uneasy. However, the identification of true and false mainly depends on your experience and your understanding of the brand. Naturally, there are also some tricks. For example, most perfume nozzles will not be indented, flush with the metal outer ring or even a little protruding; the base label is judged according to different brands, but there will be no problems such as ambiguity, skewed printing, etc.; perfume tubes It is usually very transparent and soft, and some are not even visible when hidden in liquid, and will not turn white and rigid.
Coffee beans can wake up the nose
It can only be said that it varies from person to person. For those with a more sensitive sense of smell, which can easily distinguish the three tones of perfume and the main aroma composition, the strong-smelling coffee beans will only make your tired sense of smell worse. May wish to smell the water or take a deep breath in a ventilated place. Of course, if your nose is not so delicate and you feel tired after trying the fragrance at the counter and smelling the group of fragrances, the coffee beans handed over by BA at this time may be a good olfactory transfer point. If you try the fragrance after smelling it, you will find the fragrance more clear. .
Musk causes infertility
The musk that often appears in movies is a fetish of infertility and abortion, that causing many people in real life abandon perfume immediately if there is musk shown in the fragrance list. Worrying about infertility, miscarriage, physical injury... However, real musk is very expensive, costing $45,000 per kilogram, and killing 160 musk deer. Therefore, how can natural musk, which is more expensive than gold, be added in large quantities to perfumes worth a few hundred yuan? What's more, to protect musk deer, musk has been banned from being added, so most of the musk you see in the back notes is The simulated chemical musk is used as the base note, and it is also a good thing to fix the fragrance.
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