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Start Deep Customization Of Your Unique Perfume Packaging

GP Bottles@ Deep customization service allows us to offer a truly unique and personalized experience for our clients, creating perfume bottles that stand out in a crowded marketplace and reflect the individuality of our clients.Get Started

3 Steps To Customize Your Bottles

Send inquiry of customize project by filling the below form to GP Bottles specilist to get fast communications.

Talk with our specialist to understand your requirement of customization

Step 1

Evaluate the design created by GP Bottles to have a exact cost of the project

Step 2

Build the molds to produce the first testing sample for approval

Step 3
  • Customize Project
    • Email

What do we provide you?

GP Bottles@Deep Customization Service

Deep customization refers to the ability to offer highly personalized and unique designs for the perfume bottles, going beyond basic surface-level customization. Deep customization involves working closely with the client to understand their needs and preferences and then creating a customized design that reflects their brand identity or personal style.

Our Advantages

GP Bottles@Simplify the process, saves you the initial investment of a new perfume project before planning to the market

Custom Design
Collaborative Approach
Surface Decoration
Competitive Pricing

GP Bottles@Deep Customization Procedure

We provide one-stop solution for deep customization, handle the process easily.

    Before Investment

  • Know the story of perfume

  • Confirm style

  • Look into budget

  • Create the design

  • Evaluate the design and cost

  • Build mock up

  • Confirm decoration and perfume label

  • Approve the design

    Customization Start

  • Approve the formal drawings

  • Settle down the schedule

  • Build the testing molds

  • Produce the first testing samples

  • Inspection the samples

  • Surface treatment and decorations

  • Inspection the samples

  • Courier out for confirmation

Consult GP Bottles@ Let's Create It Together
GP Bottles is not only manufacturing perfume bottles, but is designing perfume bottle to comply with the orientation and culture of your perfume brand, and we're considering "Elevate Scores Of Your Perfume Brand" as our mission, consult us now to create together.
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