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Sample Perfume Bottle

Sample Perfume Bottle

China Sample Perfume Bottle Wholesale | Perfume Test Bottle | Mini Perfume Spray Bottle

GP Bottles provide kinds of sample perfume bottle, 1ml, 1.5ml, 2ml,3ml,5ml perfume test bottle wholesale. Mini perfume spray bottle with sprayer for sale. We have blown glass sample perfume bottle, plastic sample perfume bottle for your optional purchase.
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Types of sample perfume bottle
According to the different sealing type of glass bottle neck with different accessories, hereunder some options for choosing.
mini sprayer sample perfume bottle
Mini Sprayer
Crimping glass bottle neck with pressing mini srpayer
rod sample perfume bottle
Crimping glass bottle neck with platic rod
screw sprayer sample perfume bottle
Screw Sprayer
Screw glass bottle neck with plastic or aluminium sprayer
roller ball sample perfume bottle
Roller Ball
Screw glass bottle neck with roller ball and aluminium cap
Sample perfume bottle material and production
Borosilicate Glass
The content of B₂O₃ is 5% - 8% included in the glass material which named low borosilicate glass, it has the advantage of hight strength, high hardness, high transparency, stable chemical property, and meet the grade of phamarcy.


Automatically tube drawing machines to make the glass tube with accuracy outer dimeter. And automatic machine with the processing of neck molding, tube cutting, bottom sealing, annealing, visual inpection all in one line, and with the eco-friendly sourcing of natrual gas
What you can get from GP Bottles?
sample perfume bottle free sample
Free Sample
Kinds of sample perfume bottle for your quality inspection.
sample perfume bottle MOQ
10,000 pcs MOQ per style per model
sample perfume bottle delivery
7 Days Delivery
Automatic fast production and regular stock in warehouse
sample perfume bottle logo printing
Logo Printing
Automaticl silk screen printing
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