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Why Suez channel so important to world trading?

Why Suez channel so important to world trading?

Issue Time:2021-03-29

The Suez channel is a portal between East & West. It has been one of the most important bodies of water since 1869.  Because of the important location, it is the only direct water connection of Europe with the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean & the countries of the Asian-Pacific.

Thanks to Suez channel, shipments can be directly shipped from east to west. Without traversing the entire continent of Africa.

In this case, when GP bottles ship perfume bottles, cap, spry to western countries or Europe, these packagings are also transported via the magic Suez channel.  As right now the channel is locked by a giant container ship in Egypt, many tugboats are trying to take advantage during the high tide. More than 300 ships are stuck on both side of the blockage. And some have to reroute around Africa.

The longer time it blocked, the more expansive it will be to transport goods between east & west. We hope the stranded ship will be free soon to avoid the shipment cost increasing. And buyers all over the world could use GP BOTTLE packagings immediately with lower price & high quality.  

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